Charles Nagar Hatia,Ranchi

About Us

Welcome to St.Charles school

St.Charles School is a Minority Institution run by the Sisters of St. Charles Borromeo came into existence in 1684 in Belgium on the humble efforts of Fr. Adrien Brezy. The Congregation has given at most importance to the education of children and youth and runs a chain of institutions in many parts of the world.We are knownfor our honesty and dedecation. We draw strength from the life and teachings of Jesus . Our Patron St. Charles Borromeo and founder Fr. Adrien Brezy were agents of great transformation of their times. After their examples, we wish to build up a society where truth,justice and harmony prevail.‘Education for social transformation’ is our golden mantra.
        The School started in 1997 and has successfully sent out nine batches of students. At present we have nearly 1600 students studying from nursery to Class X.The school holds an excellent academic record.
        The School is situated in a peaceful surrounding with a green campus away from hussle and bussle of city. The school is committed to providing the best of ambience and good infrastructure for maximum growth.

Success Mantra

Be at your best self… at all the time… in the school, on the road, at home… the image you make, with you like a shadow

His Determination

Plunge into all situations to bring God to all

His Belief

You teach by the way you live

His Teaching

Seek God’s Glory in all that you do.

His Advice

Start your day with great enthusiasm

His Zeal

Education for transformation of Human hearts.

His Spirituality

The Candle that gives light must itself be consumed

His Motto

Now I begin

We Aim At

Forming a society wherein human rights are respected and principles of justice and equality are upheld, acknowledging the Fatherhood of god and brotherhood of man.

Imparting spiritual, moral, academic and aesthetic values through formal and non-formal courses with emphasis on courtesy , honesty , integrity and loyalty.

Contributing our share towards national integration and communal harmony by promoting mutual appreciation and understanding of different social, economic and religious groups.

Fostering the total development of the pupils who will be intellectually balanced and spiritually oriented to assume their duties everywhere as responsible citizens of our country.


To restore total harmony in the world through education of the heart.

To teach the students to live and to discover the deeper meaning of life.

To render selfless service to the poor and the socially oppressed through education.

To help the students to interact with others and to think freely and critically.

The Logo is symbolic representation of our charism

The World God sent his son,Jesus into the world with a mission, we continue his mission of love and compassion
The Hand the compassionate Father holds the whole world in his hand.
The Cross Jesus,the compassionate love of the father heals and saves brioken humanity by his life,death and resurrection.
The Heart a symbol of love and compassion, is open to the whole humanity.

Symbolic Meaning

The holy Sprit The presence and power of the permeates the world brining healing and wholeness.
The lamp The sisters of St. Charles Borromeo illumine the heart of persons through christian education in all our ministries.
Quotion Be compassionate as your heavenly father is compasionate LK 6:36 J.B.

The School Emblem

The Cross Love and Sacrifice
The Shield Justice and Equanimity
The Beehive Unity And Team Spirit
The Bees Hard Work,Competence& Loyalty
The Letters SCB Communal Harmony
Lillies & Voilets Purity,Simplicity & Humility
The Motto Toil,Faith and Progress