Charles Nagar Hatia,Ranchi

"Physical Education" has for its purpose to develop the powers of the body in such a way so as to make them co-operate with those of the mind and soul for the development of the whole man.
Games provide more than Physical Training as they develop initiative, decision, endurance, skill, team spirit and emulation and because they offer such splendid opportunities for moral formation and social training, they are specially encouraged.

Physical Training and Games are compulsory.

No student will be exempted from Physical Training and Games without a Medical Certificate.

Those Students exempted from Physical training and Games must be with the class during P.T. Periods.

The Games reference is the sole authority on the games Fields, and his decision is final.

Habitual lack of punctuality, irregularity of attendance, disobedience to the games Captain or bad team spirit is sufficient reason to suspend a player from games: if the offence is serious, the player will be disqualified from participating in the inter House and inter-school events.