Charles Nagar Hatia,Ranchi

Parent School Relationship

Co-operation between Parents and School Authorities is of paramount importance for the ultimate achievement of the School's objectives in the education of our pupils. It is essential then, that parents carry out their responsibilities- as joint educators with the School Authorities. They should also take a keen interest in every aspect of the School Curriculum. The attendance of all parents at School functions would be deeply appreciated by School Authorities.

It is the duty of parents to see that their children come punctually to School clean and neatly dressed.

Parents are informed that occasional reports from teachers are conveniently made in the school Calendar. They are obliged to sign them as a proof that they have read them.

Parents are particularly expected to sign the monthly reports or any other similar documents when so requested. Failure to do so may put their children• great inconvenience as Teachers are instructed to send the children home to get their remarks signed They should also take note of the attendance reports

If a child is likely to be absent for a long period of time, the Principal must be informed within a week or else her name will be struck off the roll

Parents and Guardians are specially requested to notify the School Authorities of any change in the address or telephone number.

When communicating with the Principal, Parents and Guardians are requested to state in their letters the Standard and Division in which the children are.

Complaints, if any, should be made to the School Authorities and not to the Class Teachers

Parents and Guardians who wish to interview the Teachers on school days must arrange with the Teacher for this interview with prior permission of the Principal.

Parents and Guardians are requested to interview the Teacher on the "Open day" fixed by the School Authorities as regards their children's progress in studies.

The School will not be responsible for goods, money or books lost by the children. All articles belonging to a child should be marked with the child's full name.

Criticism of a child's Teacher or her School in the child’s presence should be avoided because it causes her to lose respect for her teacher with the consequent failure to learn from her.

Parents should withdraw their girls from the school as soon as they are engaged to be married.

Parents, Guardians or other persons are forbidden to see any child or interview her teachers during school hours without the sanction of the Principal. The members of the staff may be seen in their off-periods by previous appointment in the parlor or school office and not in the classrooms.