Charles Nagar Hatia,Ranchi


There will be two examinations i.e Half yearly & Annual Examinations. Regular study will assure you good results. Work systematically throughout the year.Take each class test seriously.We strongly discharge any foul means during examinations.Zero marks will be awarded to those attempt. Passing in English will be compulsory for a promotion.

Junior Wing [Class - I To V]
Student’s oral and written work will be assessed.

Four class tests will be conducted in each subject in each term.

For promotion students are required to obtain a minimum of 40% marks in each subject.

A grading system is used for all subjects.

Students are required to appear for all the tests.

Promotion will be based on the average of all these tests

Senior Wing [Class - VI To X]

Promotions are decided on the results of the three examinations and the tests conducted during the year.

Students are required to appear for all the examinations and tests as scheduled.

Tests or examinations are not conducted for absentees.

In order to be declared passed at the end of the academic year, a student must secure at least 40% marks in each subject.

Students who fail twice in the same class will be asked to leave the Scholl.

Promotion once refused will not be reconsidered.

Students who are found cheating, copying from their companions or using unfair means during examination will be given their Transfer Certificate.