Charles Nagar Hatia,Ranchi

Admission Regulations

Application for admission to all the classes should be made to the Principal of the College.

Students applying for admission to Class 1 - IX are as a rule, subjected to a competitive test. They will be tested in the standard below the one to why they seek admission.

A candidate seeking admission is required to produce a Transfer Certificate from the last Recognized School attended.

A candidate joining School for the first time must produce a Birth Certificate or a Baptism Certificate (in original) in support of the Date of Birth.

The Transfer Certificate of candidates coming from States other than U. P. must be countersigned by Inspector of Schools of that State.

New pupils will be charged fees from the beginning of the academic year.

Withdrawal Regulations

A calendar month's notice is essential before the with drawl of a student, or a month's fee must be paid in lieu of notice.

Application for a Transfer Certificate must be made in the form provided at the end of this diary.

No transfer Certificate will be issued until all dues to this School are cleared.

No application for change of name of the students will be entertained after std. VIII.